Back Care

Self-care for chronic back pain

Yoga For Back Pain

Learn how to prevent low back injury, and how to encourage the body to heal from injury. Take away a practice for a healthy back that you can incorporate into your self-care plan at home. 

Reclining pigeon is a therapeutic pose for creating space in the hip rotators.

Reclining pigeon is a therapeutic pose for creating space in the hip rotators.

Yoga for Back Pain is for you if you are:

  • trying to heal from chronic back pain
  • struggling with scoliosis, sciatica, SI joint instability, joint inflammation, nerve pain, or other causes of back pain
  • interested in preventing back injury
  • yearning for an opportunity to ask questions unique to your body
  • interested in a gentle or beginner yoga class
  • taking a break from power/vinyasa yoga
  • interested in subtle anatomical alignment frequently glazed over in a power/vinyasa class
  • tight in the hips/hamstrings
  • a runner

Check with your doctor to make sure yoga is right for you. Feel free to contact Poh so she can best tailor the workshops to suit your needs.  

Poh is a Niroga Yoga Therapy graduate. Learn more about her training here.

What a great class... I had a breakthrough with my pain from my piriformis. THANK YOU!!
— Sharon G, yogi at Mountain Yoga, Montclair
In Poh’s workshop, she sweetly and knowledgeably guided us through a series of stretches and poses to help us enrich our experience of life. As a young woman, I am trying to cultivate a sustainable yoga practice that honors my body, and it was so nice to take a restorative and subtle approach, especially amongst all the power vinyasa classes I take. Poh introduced me to stretches that I can practice everywhere, to open and nourish my hips and neck, and that I can easily share with others. I love that Poh encouraged us to take a moment and see that our own deep healing can happen through the subtlest of intentional movements.
— Danielle Szuch, UC Berkeley student, aspiring yoga teacher


Back Care Workshops

To learn about upcoming workshops:

  1. Please stay in touch
  2. Check the Workshops and Retreats page

Also, you are welcome to join Poh's Sunday Beginning Yoga class -- practice is designed to be mindful and appropriately-paced for all bodies.