Cancer Wellness

Yoga for cancer patients in all stages of treatment and survivorship

Yoga for cancer Support

Viparita karani - legs up the wall.  Try this for 10 minutes.

Viparita karani - legs up the wall.  Try this for 10 minutes.

We will calm the nervous system and encourage the body to relax and heal, contributing to physical and emotional wellness. This class incorporates mindful breathing exercises, gentle movements, restorative postures and guided meditation. No prior yoga experience is needed. This specialty class is open to cancer survivors in all stages of treatment, recovery and remission. Caregivers, family members, friends, and healthcare professionals are welcome.


This class can help if you are struggling with:

Talk to your doctor to make sure yoga is right for you.

Poh is a Niroga Yoga Therapy graduate. Learn more about her training here.

Cancer Support Classes 

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$108 for a 4-week series.  BRING A FRIEND FOR FREE.

Can't make it to the workshop?  Try this home practice.