Lygos, Inc. Employee Handbook - a draft

III) Benefits and Perks

Office Perks


Snacks, coffee, and tea are provided in the kitchen.


Responsible Vacation Policy

We all work hard, and we recognize that! In order to give our best and live a well-balanced life, we need to take time off to pursue interests outside of work, whether that means sitting on a beach or climbing a mountain. At Lygos, we believes you should take responsibility for managing your own time, communication, and collaboration with your team. To that end, we adopted a responsible vacation policy that gives each full-time employee the flexibility to take planned vacations as needed.

  • Instead of accruing vacation time, you plan the vacation time you would like to take with your manager
  • Ensure time away is taken into account for project planning
  • Create a Vacation event on the Lygos Corporate Calendar
  • Since employees don't "accrue" vacation days under this policy, you will not receive compensation for "unused" vacation time if/when you leave Lygos
  • You will continue to have full Lygos benefits through vacation periods, and your equity will continue to vest to the fullest extent permitted by governing plans and agreements

Vacation under this policy is intended to build trust in working relationships. Lygos expects that employees will use good judgement, take time off in appropriate amounts, and coordinate with their managers in advance, while completing their workloads. If an employee's performance declines due to abuse of this policy, Lygos reserves the right to review the employee's use of this policy and determine if discipline or termination is appropriate.

Company Holidays

  • New Year's Day (1/1)
  • President's Day (2/19)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday of May)
  • Independence Day (7/4)
  • Labor Day (First Monday of September)
  • Veteran's Day (11/12)
  • Thanksgiving (Fourth Thursday of November)
  • Friday after Thanksgiving (Fourth Friday of November)
  • Christmas (12/25)

If a holiday falls on a weekend, the weekday before or after the holiday is generally observed. Each team should decide what needs to be accomplished during these holidays to ensure all needs are met.


Education Benefit Program

Lygos encourages employees to pursue additional formal education to enhance their knowledge and skills. In order to do that, we've created an education benefit program that allows you to grow and learn at the company's expense.

  • Each employee has $1,000 to be used annually in classes, conferences, travel, and books to benefit career growth while at Lygos
  • The minimum eligibility is six months of company service
  • An employment year is based on the employee's anniversary
  • Non-limiting example uses include career development classes, technical training workshops, professional study courses, professional exams conferences, travel and accommodations for classes and conferences, and educational books
  • To participate, a request is made to the manager for approval on a case-by-case basis
  • The employee may be reimbursed for expenses after approval is received from the manager
  • At the conclusion of the education activity or purchase, the employee must provide a receipt, transcript, certification of completion, or other document to the HR officer


Medical Benefits and Policies

Medical, Vision and Dental Insurance

Lygos provides medical, vision and dental benefits for all full-time staff members (40 hours) and their families. Please contact Ann Nguyen if you have any coverage questions.

Workers' Comp

We provide workers' compensation insurance for qualifying injuries "on the job" for partial loss of wages and medical expenses, for employees on Lygos payroll. We don't determine what qualifies - the insurer does, based on state regulations. Please report any injuries to your manager as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after an accident or injury has occurred in order to meet the requirements of our insurer. General information about workers' compensation in California can be found here.

State Disability

Staff members who become disabled and unable to perform the functions of their job may be eligible to apply for State Disability Insurance to receive partial income. This income will be coordinated with eligible Lygos benefits, which may include Sick Leave Policy and Caretaker Leave Policy. More information on California State Disability can be found here.


Sick Leave Policy

Lygos offers unlimited sick days. All sick days should be entered as a Sick Event on the Lygos Corporate Calendar. Get the rest you need, and don't get the whole company sick.

  • Sick leave may be used for purposes that extend beyond your own sickness but don't rise to the level of a serious health condition
  • Sick days may be used to care for yourself or a family member (which includes a spouse or domestic partner, parent, parent--in-law, sibling, grandparent, or grandchild); for employees who do not have a spouse or domestic partner, the employee may designate an alternative person for whom the employee may use paid sick leave to provide care
  • An employee who is a victim of domestic assault, sexual violence, or walking may also use sick days for certain purposes related to the domestic assault, sexual violence, or stalking, including seeking legal relief; ensuring the health, safety, or welfare of the employee or children; or obtaining specified services or consulting
  • If you need extended time off (more than 5 consecutive business days) for illness or injury, your manager will need to evaluate the absence request and the HR officer will determine whether the absence will be approved and/or qualify for a leave of absence of the law


Caretaker Leave Policy

Lygos offers a 100% paid caretaker/parental leave policy for up to 16 weeks per calendar year for employee and absence that meet the requirements set forth in this policy.

  • Leave may be taken for the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child; caring for an employee's spouse, domestic partner, child, or parent with a serious health condition; or the serious health condition the the employee
  • The pay benefit during the caretaker leave is coordinated with state disability and paid family leave benefits, in addition to any other wage substitution benefits for which the employee is eligible
  • Upon return from a leave, employees will generally be reinstate to their original or a comparable position and salary
  • Employees on leave will continue to be eligible to participate in company-sponsored benefits, including equity vesting and health insurance, to the fullest extent permitted by the governing plans and agreements
  • Caretaker leave, vacation time, and sick leave do not overlap and must be approved separately


  • Requests for leaves must be submitted in writing to the manager at least 30 days prior to the commencement of the leave, although additional notice is encouraged and appreciated
  • To be eligible for paid caretaker leave, the employee must have been employed with Lygos at least 6 months; employees not meeting this eligibility requirement may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for an absence that would otherwise qualify for leave under this policy
  • Employees will coordinate with Ann Nguyen on filing paperwork with CA SDI
  • Leave taken in connection with the birth, adoption, or foster placement of a child must be completed within one year of the birth, adoption, or placement giving rise to the leave entitlement

Scenarios of Caretaker Leave

Sick family member leave for four weeks

  • An employee has a need to take care of a relative/parent/etc and requests four weeks of leave
  • The leave is immediate and sudden
  • Lygos covers Week 1 at 100% of salary during waiting period
  • If approved, CA Paid Family Leave covers up to 55% of salary and Lygos covers 45% (plus any shortfall) of salary for weeks 2-4

Pregnancy disability/bonding leave for 16 weeks

  • An employee is pregnant and requests leave of 16 weeks in connection with birth and bonding with the baby
  • Medical certification supports leave starting four weeks before due date
  • State Disability Insurance benefits apply to pregnancy disability; Paid Family Leave benefits apply to baby bonding
  • Lygos covers Week 1 at 100% during waiting period
  • CA State Disability Insurance covers up to 55% and Lygos covers 45% (plus any shortfall) for Weeks 2-4 before birth
  • CA State Disability Insurance covers up to 55% and Lygos covers 45% (plus any shortfall) for Weeks 1-6 after birth
  • CA Family Paid Leave covers up to 55% and Lygos covers 45% (plus any shortfall) for Weeks 7-16 after birth

Parental leave for 16 weeks

  • An employee's partner gives birth or employee adopts a child and employee requests leave of 16 Weeks to bond with the child
  • Lygos covers Week 1 at 100% of salary during waiting period
  • CA Paid Family Leave CA covers up to 55% and Lygos covers 45% (plus any shortfall) for Weeks 2-7 after birth/adoption

All of the above are example scenarios given real world situations and assume that the requesting employee. meets eligibility requirements. If any complications or unplanned scenarios arise, please communicate and coordinate with your manager and Ann Nguyen.


Other Types of Leaves

Bereavement Leave

Lygos offers 3 paid days off per year for the loss of a loved one. Please coordinate your needed time with Ann Nguyen.

Witness and Jury Duty

Witness and jury duty leave allow employees to fulfill their civic responsibilities by serving as jurors and subpoenaed witnesses up to 10 paid working days per calendar year. During that period, employees will receive the difference between their regular base pay and any payment received for their court duties. Witness and jury duty leave beyond 10 days will be unpaid, except as required by law.

Unpaid Leave

Lygos may grant unpaid leave from time to time in extraordinary circumstances. If you need unpaid leave, please discuss with your manager.


401(k) Plan

Lygos offers a voluntary pre-tax salary reduction plan in which full-time employees may elect to participate in. Further details about the plan may be obtained from Ann Nguyen.