Neck and Shoulder Care

Self-care for stiff neck and shoulder pain

Yoga for Happy Neck and Shoulders

Learn self-care practices to mindfully nudge the body towards healthier alignment and improved range of motion

Abiding in ease.

Abiding in ease.

Are you constantly on a mobile device, cranking the neck while you watch cute cat videos? Maybe you were in an auto collision and you're miserable from whiplash. Do you have headaches because of chronic stress?

Learn self-care practices to mindfully nudge the neck and shoulders toward healthier alignment and improved range of motion. In this therapeutic workshop, Poh will guide you through yoga postures, experiential anatomy and tension release practices. Poh brings, not only her training in yoga therapy, but also, personal experience in healing from two car accidents.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • have stiff neck
  • have tight shoulders
  • have neck or shoulder pain
  • drive a lot
  • work in front of a computer
  • have forward head posture or text neck
  • have frozen shoulder
  • suffer from whiplash
  • have nerve impingement
  • have headaches
  • are curious about shoulder anatomy
  • are interested in shoulder pain management

Have an injury and not sure if this workshop is for you? Check with your doctor and contact Poh.

Poh is a Niroga Yoga Therapy graduate.  Learn more about her training here.

Thank you very much! This is the first thing that has really helped me after years and years of neck, shoulder, and back pain - more than massage even. :-) I’ve been recommending this workshop to everyone! And it’s awesome to have references on your blog.
— Jessie N, workshop participant at Namaste Grand Lake, Oakland

Neck and Shoulders Workshops

To learn about upcoming workshops:

  1. Please stay in touch
  2. Check the Workshops and Retreats page

Also, you are welcome to join Poh's Sunday Beginning Yoga class -- practice is designed to be mindful and appropriately-paced for all bodies.