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Poh is on maternity leave. Let us know if you would like to learn when she will teach again.

Handstand, adho mukha vrksasana. Place hands shoulder-width apart. Keep the chest open with arms and shoulders strongly engaged. Draw the navel towards the spine. Internally rotate thighs.

Your Vinyasa class was my first yoga class other than beginning classes, and I was a bit nervous about whether I was competent enough to do it. I was so happy during and after the class because I felt both challenged and comfortable, and I will definitely go back. The class had students at many different levels of experience so I did not feel out of place. You did a great job of making us all feel welcome and comfortable, and I especially appreciated the encouragement and the attention to my form. I saw you walking around the class frequently, after demonstrating the postures or movements. It is obvious that you care about your students. Thanks for making the class a good experience for me! I also liked your suggestion at the beginning of the class that we keep a thought in mind during the class. Mine was patience. This thought helped me enjoy the class and stay within my limits. And, this thought stayed with me throughout the day!
— Richard L, yoga newbie
Poh’s Sunday morning beginners class has become a must for me. I’ve been going for at least 4 months. As someone who is 100 lbs overweight it can be intimidating to go into a class like this. Poh has not once made me feel out of place. She has been open to helping me find what works for me and reminds everyone in the class that their bodies are different from everyone else’s.
— Amanda F on Yelp (for Namaste Grand Lake)
I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed your teaching - very casual yet fantastically specific alignment instruction. Those two hours were a blissful retreat from the family holiday. Thank you!!
— Johanna Lelke, doctor of chiropractic

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Poh's experience teaching in tech America includes Chair Yoga for Bayer Healthcare and Therapeutic Flow for Lab Rats at UC Berkeley's Energy Biosciences Institute.

I thoroughly enjoyed Poh’s class and her positive encouraging energy. I really appreciated her reminders to not judge yourself and to practice as your most ideal Self. Especially in challenging classes these reminders seem very important! The sequencing felt thoughtful and intentional. I was impressed with her alignment cues as I feel often that is lacking from Vinyasa teachers. She did a great job of explaining some of the subtle movements done to keep the back safe.
— Client at Niroga Yoga Studio, Berkeley