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Yoga practices on the go - create spacious presence anywhere, anytime

Yoga for Cancer Support

Yoga can help reduce anxiety and improve physical wellness in our stressful everyday.  The effects can perhaps be even more pronounced when one is in the experience of living with cancer.  Although not a cure, yoga can help soothe the nervous system and encourage the body to relax and heal.  Gentle movements linked with breath can help practitioners cope with challenges and uncertainty.  Try this home practice to help with your journey.

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Liberate the Neck and Shoulders

Do you have achy neck and shoulders from too much driving? So do I! Try these easy-to-do yoga postures to create some space in the neck and shoulders and for pain relief. I commute four times a week from Oakland to San Jose and these postures are a part of my self-care routine. Try holding each posture for 5-8 deep breaths. Remember to practice on both sides of the body.

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The Thoracic Jacket

The thoracic jacket is one of my favorite tools that helps to keep the upper spine in healthy alignment. No need for expensive, fancy equipment - use two yoga straps, ties or dog leads. Try it on and see if it helps relieve neck and shoulder pain as you go about your usual activities.

If you have taken Chaturanga Clinic or Yoga for Happy Neck and Shoulders with me, this is the tool which we practiced making together. 


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Office Yoga

You can take a yogi out of her yoga clothes, but she takes yoga with her wherever she goes. Poh shares some easy office yoga postures to bring spacious presence into the body, heart and mind. The best part is that this sequence is good for any body and and takes very little time, squeeze it in between meetings, during conference calls, or a few moments before lunch.

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